Photo of a sign that reads &Historic Pine Grove, Established 1886, Elevation 6738, Pop ?.&

The History of Pine Grove

Photo of a sign that reads "Pine Colorado, National Historic District, Established in 1886".

Phto of the Pine Library

Photo of the Pine Gallery

Photo of the Pine Emporium

Photo of Pine Valley OPen Space Park.

Photo of a gazebo at Pine Valley Open Space Park.

Photo of the Bucksnort Saloon

Photo of the Pine Emporium

The town of Pine Grove has a rich history, dating back to 1886. To learn more, visit the Local History Chat Room or take a walking tour of Historic Pine Grove.

Local History Books

The Elk Creek Chronicles: From Shaffers Crossing to Pine Grove

Wagons West Transportation, Entertainment & Industry, more on Sphinx Park, Buffalo, Pine Grove, Bailey & Beyond; by Lee Heideman, 2005

Homesteaders, Moonshiners and Frontier Law An Historical Journey from Aspen Park to Kenosha Pass; by Lee Heideman, 2003

Bits and Pieces of History along the 285 corridor-From Denver to Kenosha Pass; By Harold Warren, 1994

The Upper Side of the Pie Crust An early History of Southwestern Jefferson County Conifer-Pine-Buffalo Creek, Colorado; Margaret V. Bentley, 1978

Mountain Memories From Coffee Pot Hill to Medlen Town-A history of the Inter-Canyon area of southwest Jefferson County; edited by Betty Moynihan and Helen E. Waters

Rough Road in the Rockies by Hermina Gertrude Kilgore, 1961

More Historical Sketches of Shawnee, Colorado; Including historical pictures of Bailey and Grant, Colorado by Gary R. Goodson, 1996

From Scratch-A History of Jefferson County, Colorado; by Members of the Jefferson County Historical Commission, 1985

Ghosts of Park County A Guide to the Ghost Towns and the Mining Camps of Park County, Colorado; by John K. Aldrich, 1984

Evergreen, Colorado by Mary Helen Crain, 1969

A Circle of Pioneers by Mary Helen Crain, 1959

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Buffalo Beginnings and Through the Years-The People and Places of Buffalo Creek, Colorado, Book Two; edited by Dorothy Lombard, 1995

Narrative History of Buffalo Creek and Buffalo Park; by Edna Sirois Ryan, 1960

Recipes & Anecdotes- compiled by the North Fork Volunteer Fire Department; Contributed by "the mountain folks in the Pine-Buffalo Creek area", 1984

Century of Jefferson County Mountain Area Schools; by Phebe Granzella, 1993

Tiny Town, Boom or Bust; by Alice Jeanne Brooks, 1989

Tiny Town, From Tragedy to Triumph; by Carla Black, 1990

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Park County Colorado-Where History is Still Alive by Linda Balough

South Park City

The Buffalo Harvest by Frank Mayer & Charles B. Roth

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History of The Famous Mosquito Pass by Norma L. Flynn, 1959

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Echoes of Como, Colorado; by Mary Dyer, 1974

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Big City Dropout by Pete Smythe, 1959

The Mines of Colorado by Ovando J Hollister, 1973 Reprint of the 1867 edition.

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